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References to the concept and how to build CCD antennas are far and few between.  If you find any other information about them please let us know so we can share the information here.

Here is what we've found.  If you have copies of any missing items below I'd love to add them to the site to make it as complete a reference for CCD as possible for the current and future generations.

The Dual Band CCD Antenna Charlie Smith AD7MD Web
Antenna Design: Something New Mills & Brizendine 73 Mag Oct '78
The CCD Antenna Revisited - does it measure up on 40m? Longerich, W4ANL 73 Mag May '82
The CCD Antenna - Another Look Mills & Brizendine 73 Mag Jul '81
Again, The CCD Rennie 73 Mag Sep '82
Radio Communications (thanks to Pine, ZS6GST) Pat Hawker, G3VA April 1982
The CCD Antenna-Improved, Ready-to-Use Construction Data Mills & Brizendine 73?
The High-Performance, Capacitively Loaded Dipole Atkins Ham Radio May '84
Antarctic CCD Antennas Harry Mills 73 Mag Jul '83
The Controlled Current Distribution (CCD) Antenna Kaplan & Bauer ARRL Antenna Compendium #2 '89
Understanding CCDs L.B. Cebik, W4RNL  

Manual for assembled CCD antenna

The basic concept of the CCD antenna was originally published and tested by Harry Mills, W4FD (no longer his call) while he was a Chief Engineer with the FCC.  He even has a Patent on the implicit idea of the CCD antenna.  Ours are considerably different in design.

Most of what you see on this site is a compilation of the information found in these articles and that of the author in his never ending quest for the perfect antenna.  Recently a partnership with Charlie, AD7MD, has added a substantial amount of antenna expertise as well as some serious computer modeling.


"Switching between a 160 half-wave dipole and the CCD is a night and day difference in signal strength with the signal being a few s-units higher on the CCD and noise level dropping. - Larry, KC7VX"

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